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4.9 stars | 440 reviews

Our Service Plan

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Our Service Plan

At Grand Oaks Plumbing & Drain, our mission is to keep your residential plumbing system operating at its best. With our service plan, we provide a comprehensive range of services and equipment to meet your plumbing needs, including:

  • Waived service and evaluation fee
  • Full whole home plumbing visual inspection
  • Test all drains for optimal flow
  • Check all toilets (see if rocking, check tank parts)
  • Test all emergency shut off valves below sinks and toilets
  • Visually inspect supply lines for all faucets and toilets
  • Test all faucets, handles, flow rates, aerators, shower heads
  • Test disposal and all drain piping under all sinks
  • Pull out refrigerator to inspect ice maker water line and shut off
  • Test washing machine hose bibs and check hoses
  • Test all exterior hose bibs, main water shut off and drain clean out caps
  • Check temperature of hot water at furthest fixture
  • Test water quality (chlorine content and hardness)
  • Water heater flush (standard tank style, must have brass boiler drain)
  • Sewer main line camera inspection (must have an exposed, accessible outside clean out)
  • 5.10% off services/standard book price throughout the life of plan

For clients with additional tank-style water heaters in their homes, we offer an additional Water Heater add-on for $69.00 per year. Clients with a tankless water heater instead of a standard tank-style heater can avail of the Tankless Water Heater add-on for $69.00 per year, which requires a tankless flush kit for proper flushing.
Please note that this plan does not cover any repairs. If we find any deficiencies in your plumbing system during the inspection, we will provide you with repair or replacement options before any work is done. At Grand Oaks Plumbing & Drain, we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services.

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